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Welcome To Chimera

Thanks for visiting us online. We were in this business when there was no "online." Taking the trip through the evolution of advertising (from two-martini lunches to 24/7 work and copy that needs to fit on a screen no bigger than your palm) has been exciting. But there's one thing that hasn't changed. Our clients provide the subject matter and that's perhaps the most exciting thing about this business of marketing, branding, advertising, web development, design, communications, etc. Every time we talk to one of you, we learn something new.

So we'll have something new to talk about.

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Content Is Key!

Great content means connection to your audience.
Online, great content means video.
We've been doing a lot of video lately. With the addition of
Chris Correll, we have in-house editing capabilities that our
clients are raving about. Check out some of our recent work.

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